Front Wheel Alignment Keeping your wheels aligned will prevent tire wear, increase fuel mileage by reducing road friction and improve the vehicles handling. Even without abuse, front wheel alignment will change under normal, everyday driving conditions. The change may be so gradual that it is not noticed at first. The first sign of something wrong usually shows up on the front tires, which develop peculiar wear patterns that will severely shorten the life of the tire. When these appear, the vehicle should have its alignment checked.  
Shocks Replacement Even shocks that are only half as good as new can significantly impact stopping distances. The Cologne Institute for Traffic Safety tested a vehicle with partially worn shocks and then tested the same vehicle with new ones. The used shocks increased the vehicle stopping distance by 21 feet, a 23% increase! Twenty one feet is about 1 1/2 car lengths – more than enough distance to prevent serious injury and property damage.  
Muffler / Exhaust We provide muffler and exhaust repair service for all foreign and domestic vehicles. In addition to repair service we also install high performance exhaust applications. We carry a full range of exhaust systems from manufactures such as Borla, Magnaflow and Flowmaster. We can help you get better gas mileage with a quality, energy efficient exhaust system for your car or truck  
Axle We evaluate the customer's axle shaft by identifying any signs of axle damage or wear. An axle that exhibits any of the following conditions must not be reused: Bent or distorted, Discolored, Surface cracks, Excessive or severe wear at the original bearing path. Axles unfit for reuse are not limited to those exhibiting these conditions; other conditions of distress may also render an axle unfit for reuse.  
Auto Air Conditioning Tire City is the place to be for Auto Air Conditioning Repair and Service. If your vehicle is too hot, bring it in to Tire City and get cooled down!  
Brakes If your vehicle isn't stopping like it should, don't hesitate, bring it into Tire City today for a inspection of your automobile brakes! Problems with the braking system on your vehicle are serious and waiting to bring it in when there is a problem may just make the problem worse. Bring your vehicle into Tire City for abrake inspection at the first hint of trouble. Our technicians will inspect your automobile brakes and tell you exactly what the problem is.
Auto Repairs Tire City has been providing quality Auto Repair and Car Care services to the public for over 15 years. We are proud of our heritage of quality, service and complete customer satisfaction. We have built and maintained our excellent auto repair service reputation by providing dependable auto care services, along with complete and courteous customer care. You can trust your Auto Care to the automotive repair specialists at Tire City.